October Review-Away


5 Easy Steps to Earn 5 JUARA Dollars

Your opinion is valuable and we want to hear it! That’s why we’re hosting this JUARA Review-Away throughout the month of October. Leave a review on your favorite JUARA products from now through October 31st, and receive a $5 Gift Card to use at www.juaraskincare.com for each product you review. So if you review 6 products, that’s $30 (aka one bottle of the fabulous Tiare Jasmine Body Milk). You will receive your $5 Gift Card within 2 business days of leaving your review.

Step 1: Choose your favorite JUARA Product

Step 2: Visit www.juaraskincare.com

Step 3: Leave a review on your favorite product

Step 4: Get an email with a $5 Gift Card

Step 5: Repeat the process on all of your favorite products!

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