JUARA’s Metta tackles Q’s for International Women’s Day

Recently, I was interviewed by Sephora in Indonesia in celebration of International Women’s Day and as I thought about my answers, I realized the universality of the issues that we face as women all over the world. No matter where we come from, or wherever we plan to go, we all share hardships, emotions, and victories – and I thought I would share some of my thoughts and answers in hopes you can relate! I’d love to hear your opinions too on the questions I was asked below…

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women today?

More and more women have opportunities to choose to live their life as they feel – to be entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers, wives, artists, musicians, politicians, doctors, etc. I believe if you can dream it, work smart AND hard, you can do it. The biggest issue facing these opportunities is learning how to balance life to make sure that women still take care of themselves, both physically and mentally so they can best support themselves as well as the people around – while they still continue to learn and grow. The issue of balance is not new, but the fact that there are now more options makes the balancing act more difficult. 

How do you deal with failure? 

Failure does not feel good but it is my best teacher. When I fail, I think about what happened, and what part of it I had control over vs no control over. I feel responsible and accountable for my part of the failure. The key is to take responsibility for my actions calmly – and from there learn how to improve for next time, move on and not be discouraged. Sometimes I even think “I know one day I will thank this scenario, for this is how I will find a different opportunity and learning, and be better prepared for what will come.” So even in discomfort I feel gratitude.

How does your brand strive to empower women?

We believe that every woman is a “Juara” which actually means “Winner/Champion” in Indonesian. We feel she is naturally beautiful and has the potential to be amazing in any way she wants – if she practices good habits. We not only make natural skincare products inspired by our native tradition we should be very proud of, but also remind and encourage women to practice the JUARA values and “champion your natural beauty.” Here’s a fun, easy guide to being a winner of our lives:
J – Juara (Remember: you ARE a winner.) 
U – Unity (Collaborate with and support each other and your community) 
A – Aspiration (Have a dream – or many – to chase!) 
R – Rigor (Work hard and smart – focus on continuous improvement, step by step.) 
A – Authentic (Be confident in being YOU – shine in your own personal style.) 

How do you pamper yourself/destress?

For me, a healthy body is connected to a healthy mind. To destress, I work out and stay physically healthy, eat well, and make sure I spend quality time with friends and people I care about. When I know I’m really stressed and at 90% of my capacity, I purposely take small breaks so I don’t burn out. We are our own best assets so practicing self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.
Any thoughts? Please share in the comments! Have a great day, everyone!
– Metta Murdaya, JUARA Co-Founder
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