Happy Valentine’s President’s Chinese New Year (Rowr!)! – Metta Murdaya

2010: Year of the White Tiger – it’s just the beginning…

So… if this weekend could have a logo, it would be the big white tiger dancing with a cupid around the White House. And how did one spend their holiday weekend with so many options to choose from? My close friends all met for a Chinese New Year party to celebrate well, the Chinese New Year, and the first appearance of Asami, JUARA Girl Yoshiko’s new daughter – born on a recent Jan. 27, 2010. I went to the Berkshires in Massachusettes for a Valentine weekend where I FROZE my feet off, (note I have cold feet all the time – if you read previous articles, you’d know…) but had a beautiful time at  Mt. Greylock Inn Bed & Breakfast and the Mass MoCa museum where my beau and I were pretty impressed by the works of Sol Lewitt. We also hiked near the Clark Museum where Boldini’s impressionist art in particular took my breath away. (How do you DO that with a paintbrush?) While other friends had the day off today to celebrate President’s day, I was at the office catching up work as I’ve had my holiday already. (Oh, but the post office being closed is baadd…. been waiting for my delivery from DSW for nice, warm shoes!!!) Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve had 3 fashion week events and an in-store event at the awesome ABC Home in NYC where JUARA is also carried, and between the clients, press, follow-up, packing/unpacking – it’s been quite the intro to this upcoming year of the White Tiger. Being born in the year of the tiger myself – this triple-holiday weekend following an onslaught of Fashion week heyday (even fashion junkies need beautiful skin!) is supposed to prep me for this upcoming year.

According to my sign on the Chinese calendar, this year is supposed to be…eventful. (I’m also a Wood Tiger, with signs of Dog, Monkey, and Tiger in my luck sign is Fire, at least according to this website (ok, I just looked around.) This is going to be a year of luck, given hard work. Opportunity shall come – along with pitfalls, but supposedly avoidable. But I look at all of this with a grain of salt – all is fun to read, but there’s nothing to substitute, good ol’ honest work and passion about your work. I realize my luck and inspiration comes from the love of running my own business, appreciation of the products we create, and excitement from seeing how it affects people’s lives, complexion, and confidence.

Given that the last year was filled with woeful financial news, stories of stock market doom and gloom (and some doubt it’s really over now,) this year, (or starting this Chinese New Year,) is going to be different. Time to think positively, not just think of resolutions to follow through on, but that the forecast for this year is “Yes, It Will Happen.” I’m thinking positive thoughts and it is happening – new business, new perspective, new opportunities, I hope that the white tiger shall serve me well, but that’s not without challenges I smile to take on. Here’s to a new year of opportunity and success for all! I hope you all stay tuned. 🙂

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