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Make Magic in Under 30 Minutes – Daniel O’Neill

If you can read this, I am assuming you are a very busy person. We all have responsibilities—a job, a home, maybe kids- perhaps ALL THREE – and don’t get me started on all of the new shows waiting for you on your Netflix queue. Life in the modern age takes up a lot of time and energy, and of course, things like focus. Lucky for us in 2016, we don’t need a lot of that just to look good. So if you find yourself alone with a little time one evening, you can make your skin look like you have all the time in the world to pamper it. With the right JUARA products, you can give your face a full boost in under 30 minutes and still have plenty of time to make a big dent in this season’s House of Cards.

Make Magic in Under 30 Minutes


If you do only one thing for your skin, exfoliation is a must. Not only is it key to a glowing visage (light reflects better off an
even surface), it’s the one step that makes an immediate visible difference. Remember you are not scrubbing the bathroom floor here, this is your face we are talking about, so gentle is key. The Radiance Enzyme Scrub is a 2-in-1 scrub and enzymatic peel that utilizes superfine bamboo and jojoba beads to delicately smooth the complexion. Loaded with natural fruit enzymes that dissolve all those dulling dead skin cells, your face will be brighter and luminous from the very first rinse. Gently massage the scrub on damp skin and leave it on to let the enzymes go to work. Within 3 minutes—you don’t need to leave it on any longer, we have things to accomplish here—it leaves behind only clean, luminous skin, sans any irritation. If you think you can’t tolerate exfoliators, this product will change your mind.




We still have time, so you will want to pamper your freshly revealed skin with an extra boost of TLC. The Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask harnesses the proven antioxidant power of Indonesian turmeric- for your face. Think of turmeric as a miracle ingredient- boasting both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this godsend will soothe and brighten. Gone are the days of those tingly, mint colored clay masks from high school that left you red and parched. You’ve graduated on to bigger things. The soft clay formula of the mask detoxifies and strengthens skin without any of the harsh drying effects. Simply smear on a layer, kick back for 10-15 minutes, and you’re one step closer to radiant.

JUARA Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask



Time is running low, but don’t panic, we’re almost done. After rinsing the mask, remove any residue (there shouldn’t be) and tone with the Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner. This was created to go beyond a traditional toner and offer more of a treatment (which it is). A blend of white and green teas offer antioxidant benefits and hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin with the first swipe of the cotton pad. Think of it as the pre-gamer to this skin care party. Now follow immediately with a moisturizer. More specifically, the Radiance Vitality Oil. Why? A few drops of this silky hydrator contains 12 (yes, 12) powerful oils that multi-task to moisturize, revitalize, and protect all of that hard work you just put in. Did I mention the added Vitamin C leaves you noticeable firmer? Now pat on a single pump of the Miracle Tea Complete Eye Cream to send those weary eyes packing, and come tomorrow your friends will want to know all of your skincare secrets. Who says there isn’t time to look good?

JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner


What’s your skin-magic beauty secret? For more information, visit juaraskincare.com.


How Your Diet Affects Your Skin: Dairy

cheese platter


I really can’t think of a single person who doesn’t love cheese, including me… and I’m lactose intolerant. 

And it’s not just cheese. It’s milk, ice cream, whipped cream, alfredo sauce, butter. If it’s creamy, I love it. But did you know that humans weren’t built to consume milk after childhood? Think about it. In all mammals, milk is a food produced for the young. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of adults are lactose intolerant.



I know. In some cases, lactose intolerance is obvious. Minutes after taking a bite of dairy, the suffering begins. In other cases, lactose intolerance is sneaky. The onset of indigestion and bloating can happen hours after the consumption of dairy! If you’re a dedicated Tums-popper, check out this list of side effects to see if eliminating dairy could help: 

  • Bloating
  • Pain or cramps
  • Gas
  • Nausea & Vomiting

Unfortunately, just like gluten intolerance the symptoms of lactose intolerance could indicate a number of different digestive problems. If you think the problem might be dairy, cut it out of your diet immediately and speak with your doctor.

So what does this have to do with your skin?

Here’s the scoop. Over the past 10 years, more and more research has linked the intake of dairy with bloating, eczema, and breakouts in adults. Although there is no definitive connection, leading researchers believe that the hormones present in cow’s milk may be a leading cause of adult-onset acne. 

vintage bride

The Takeaway

If you have a big day coming up (your wedding, an important meeting at work, etc.) and you’ve been breaking out, it might be worth it to cut dairy out of your diet for a few days. Best case scenario: your skin clears up and you lose some water weight. Worst case scenario: your skin stays the same and you gave up mac n cheese for three days.