All Weather Skincare – Behold!

I love the thought of all-terrain wear, like that windbreaker you take when it’s rainy, chilly or warm as a care-all layer, or the thin, big scarf you can bring to spruce up any outfit, while keeping yourself warm as needed. Perhaps it’s because as a traveling business owner I move around a lot, but I love multi-tasking items that can help me navigate through my everyday, preparing me for whatever is to come. From bouncing from tropical weather Indonesia to all-sorts-from-snowy-dry-to-hot-and-humid NY, I have to always be ready – so here’s my favorite weather-proof basic skincare from our own JUARA collection. (I can’t live without these!) You can always add more products, (like the moisturizer of choice,) but these are what I consider the most weather neutral essentials for all weather terrain!

JUARA Rice Facial Cleanser:

With its sulfate free cleansing agents, our new, greener, PEG-free formulations are gentle, remove makeup and leave a really soft after feel without stripping. This means for humid climates I get a nice clean without feeling stripped, which is perfect so it stays balanced without over producing oil to compensate. Interestingly enough, the same logic applies for dry weather, because that’s the last kind of weather where you want to strip your skin and render it more sensitive to the elements!

JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner:

I love this one because it swings both ways – as a hydrating toner in most climates to be applied before the moisturizer thereby improving moisturizer performance by sealing in this extra layer of moisture, or to be used solo – as THE moisturizer in more humid climates. I have often just used this alcohol free, water loving hyaluronic acid enriched toner solo and either skipped the moisturizer, or used a smidgen, just to have a thin layer on my skin as the humid weather substitutes as my moisturizer, keeping me hydrated. The tamarind seed extract is a chock full of oil-free moisture, Plus, no greasy after feel! AND if you’re in hot weather and give yourself a sunburn, this toner is a great skin-calmer, redness-reducing savior as the rice bran extract in it has properties to soothe and calm skin from inflammation and redness… which conveniently enough is also perfect for the drying cold wind of winter.

JUARA Clove & Flower Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum:

This firming and hydrating serum is PERFECT for all weathers. You do have to put a moisturizer over it, but the amount varies by climate. Alone, this oil-free serum helps tighten skin on application, and over time, the turmeric brightens the skin while the palm peptides and goji berry work to improve and even out skin tone and increase firm skin. The best part is it feels like a skin-shield – no matter how tired or sick I am, this serum helps me look awake and fresh!

JUARA Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask

I LOVE our masks. They’re like the “apply, fuggedaboutit, come back later and voila, see a difference” easy to use products. The Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask takes about a minute to apply, contains kaolin clay to purify and remove dirt in the pores but also candlenut oils to make sure it doesn’t dry out your skin. Plus, the turmeric is a naturally strong antioxidant to detox skin and also brighten – so it’s like 2o minutes to an instant glow, or apply a thin layer to leave overnight and in the AM it looks like you just slept like sleeping beauty – glowing and radiant.

Got favorite all-weather products? Please share!

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Earl Grey is so Yesterday

Juicing is popular, but let’s also not forget tea as a source of health benefits and flavor! Tea is an age-old beverage we all know and love, and we’re most likely used to our favorites – Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, the list goes on and on. The herbal teas come with a chock-full of health benefits and are just a step away at the grocery or health food store, but if you’re wanting to try something different, try making your own from scratch. In Indonesia, where the homes are regularly stocked with spices, we have our own teas and our own explanation of benefits. Curious? Let’s see how they compare to what we know in the US! (Disclaimer – some of these may still have traditional health claims that may still be in research by western science, however the Eastern Jamu tradition, which uses these ingredients, have empirical evidence over generations of people who insist on these benefits…)
Recommendation: Try them not only solo, but in combination. Sweeten with honey, agave, or palm sugar if you can… Some can be both hot and cold – experiment or add to your favorite existing teas!


Making cinnamon tea helps prevent the flu (strengthening the immune system,) keeps you warm and cozy feeling, regulates digestion and has strong antioxidant properties.


This household root is boiled into a tea to immediately warm the system, address tummy unrest, increase circulation, which is often drunk to reduce the chances of a stroke. It is also great when feeling a bit nauseous – and when made fresh, Bang for your buck tip: Indonesians whack it till it cracks open on the sides, then pan-roast gently till it’s slightly brown on the outside so the flavors and juices become enhanced and more potent before boiled.


The stalks of this fragrant, lemony grass can be used of decoration in the tea itself, but has its own benefits, including reducing pains from rheumatism and refreshes the body and reduces tiredness by increasing circulation, has slight antibacterial properties (particularly great if you live in areas where the hygiene of the food is less than pristine). Plus, blended with ginger, hot or cold it’s fabulous tasting!

Bay Leaf

It’s not only what you throw in a soup but this plant has lots of extra benefits, whether ground into a powder, or steeped in a tea. As a tea, benefits include alleviating irregular bowel movements, constipation, and even heartburn. Not sexy, but important…


A little goes a long way – the powerful anaselgic properties of clove can numb so it is good for toothaches and helps if you have gas or heartburn. However, I’ve made this before and I recommend mixing with another natural tea, as it give a lovely fragrance, but does make the tongue feel a bit thick. Up to you!

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