Masks: The New Mainstream

Face Masks

I don’t know about you, but until recently face masks were filed strictly under the ‘For Moms  & Sleepovers’ category of my mind. I envisioned green goop and ponytails and cucumbers over the eyes… definitely not a necessary part of my busy beauty routine.

But it seems times are changing…

And I’m not the only one who’s noticed. The September issue of Allure magazine features a 4 page spread on masks and their evolution from slumber party goop to heavy duty beauty essential. Read the full story here.

The role of the mask is changing, my friends, because masks themselves are changing. Masks are evolving into full blown beauty treatments that contain powerful, potent ingredients specially formulated to seep into the skin over an extended period of time. Because they cleanse the skin and rid it of impurities, most masks even improve the efficacy of your every day beauty ritual!

Beauty Ritual.

This brings us to (arguably) the most important job of a mask- ritual. Incorporating a face mask is the perfect way to turn your everyday beauty routine into a beauty ritual. Here are simple steps to turning your humdrum routine into a relaxing ritual:

  • Light a candle in your favorite scent and put on something warm and fuzzy
  • Begin the ritual with your cleanser. Massage the cleanser into your face, then rinse clean.
  • On cleansed skin, apply the mask of your choice. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes while your mind focuses on the scent journey your candle is taking you on.
  • Rinse off the mask and apply a toner, serum or both to calm skin and lock in the nutrients from the mask.
  • Finish the ritual with your night-time moisturizer and a cup of tea

So there you have it- masks reborn. Not sure what kind of mask to incorporate into your daily ritual? Check out some skin specific suggestions:

Dry, Rough Skin: Try This One!

Dull, Lackluster Skin: Try This One!

Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin: Try This One!


Healthy Aging #4

September is Almost Over…

So this is our last Healthy Aging Tidbit!

This Week’s Tip: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Happiness is the best medicine. Simple, but true. Many studies have shown a correlation between happiness, life satisfaction and lowered risk of stress-induced illnesses like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Doing things that make you happy keeps you healthy, which is why this is the most important healthy aging tip we have for you.

Especially as we age, it is important to remember to make time for the things that make us happy. It’s easy to get caught up in the stressful whirlwind of day-to-day problems, but set aside a few hours a week to do what you love. Find your passion and enjoy your life!

Keeping Up with the Omegas

The Omegas

Possibly the only family more complicated than the Kardashians or the Duggars- it seems we hear about a new omega that NEEDS to be added to our diet every week. To quell the confusion, today we’re breaking down the omegas!

So let’s start with the basics. All of these omegas fall into two categories: Essential Fatty Acids & Non-Essential Fatty Acids. Why the distinction?

  • Essential Fatty Acids cannot be created naturally by our bodies, so it’s essential that we get them from our diets.
  • Non-essential Fatty Acids are created naturally by our bodies, so adding them to our diet is just an extra boost.

Now, let’s break it down further. Which omegas fall into which categories?

Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3 (aka Linolenic Acid):

Linolenic Acid is vital to growth and development, and helps the body regulate inflammation. Linolenic Acid also aids in the prevention of heart disease and protects the body against arthritis and joint deterioration.

Omega-6 (aka Linoleic Acid):

Linoleic acid is a vital part of cell growth and neurotransmitter signaling in the body. When used on the skin, the combination of Linolenic and Linoleic Acids lighten dark spots caused by aging and sun exposure, and bring relief to psoriasis and eczema.

Non-Essential Fatty Acids


Omega 7 is the newest Omega on the block and it may be the best one yet. So far proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and type II diabetes, Omega 7 is the most essential non-essential fatty acid out there. As for the skin, the benefits are endless including: combatting wrinkles, boosting collagen production, hydrating, restoring plumpness and glow, helping the skin retain moisture, and protecting against free-radicals.

Omega-9 (aka Oleic Acid)

Oleic Acid is another super non-essential fatty acid. Non-essential fatty acids are produced by the body, but when applied topically they have a whole array of other benefits. The most common Omega 9 Fatty Acid is called Oleic Acid. Oleic Acid has been known to increase good cholesterol, decrease bad cholesterol, and eliminate artery plaque build-up! Omega 9 deeply hydrates the skin, helps promote hair growth, and soothes irritated problem skin.


Can you guess which JUARA ingredients contain members of the Omega clan? (click each ingredient to find the product that contains it)

Sick Day, No Way! Jamie Greenberg Loves Our Toner

Healthy Aging #3

Happy Friday!

Another Healthy Aging Tip is coming at you…

This Week’s Tip: Wash Your Face

I know this is a simple one and it sounds obvious. You’re thinking “of course I wash my face,” but do you really? Every night, before you go to bed, do you wash off your makeup? Every night, do you wash off the dirt from the day? Every night, do you clean out your pores and allow them to breathe? And after you wash your face, are you laying your head on a fresh pillow case washed weekly?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, you need to reevaluate your definition of “washing your face.” Making this a part of your daily routine breathes life into the skin cells and helps them stay youthful and clog-free. Your skin needs to breathe, and suffocated skin = older looking skin. Period.


Skin Reset Ritual

The Skin Reset Ritual


This skin reset ritual is just what you need to get your skin out of that wonky-weather funk. The changing of seasons is the most difficult time for our skin: less moisture in the air and temperatures that fluctuate rapidly between cool and warm have our bodies all confused! This ritual is specially designed to soothe and rebalance the skin during this in-between time. Included in this package are 5 of our favorite products for rejuvenating & restoring the face and body… in perfectly portable travel sized bottles!

The Face Ritual:
The Body Ritual:

Here’s a step by step guide to get the most out of this relaxing ritual:

Rice Facial Scrub - With IngredientStep 1 Fill a bowl with warm water. Wet the hands and face. Take a pea-sized amount of the Radiance Enzyme Scrub and lightly rub onto your facial skin, breathing in the refreshing scent. When the whole face has been massaged, wash away the beads with warm water.


Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask - With Ingredient_3-13-2013-08-53-27 (1)Step 2 Cover the entire face with a thin layer of the Turmeric Radiance Mask. Once the face is covered, rinse the hands to remove remnants of the clay mask. Let the mask sit on the face for 15-20 minutes while you direct your attention toward the body.

Candlenut Body Polish_3-20-2013-21-35-15Step 3 While the mask works to soothe and restore your complexion, scrub the roughest areas of the body with the Candlenut Body Polish. Work the polish into the skin until the exfoliating walnut shells fall off on their own.

CandlenutStep 4 After the roughest areas have been smoothed, massage the Candlenut Body Creme in to the entire body. Give the most attention to tired feet, calves, and forearms that usually get  neglected.

Tamarind Tea Hydrating TonerStep 5 Once your body has been rejuvenated and the Turmeric Mask has penetrated deep into the skin, splash your face with warm water once again to remove the Kaolin Clay and, along with it, pore-clogging imperfections. Gently pat the face dry and apply the Tamarind Tea Toner to even out your complexion and add back hydration.


Healthy Aging #2

It’s That Time!

Another Healthy Aging Tip is coming at you…

This Week’s Tip: Never Stop Learning

Up until the age of 18 or 22, we are constantly learning. Being in school forces our brains to take in and process new information at least 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. As we grow older, decide on a career, and get into a routine, however, most adults’ learning rate rapidly decreases. After years of doing the same tasks repeatedly, we forget how to learn! One of the keys to maintaining mental health while aging is to keep on learning. Here are some easy ways to retrain your brain:

  • Take an Art Class
  • Try Your Hand at Sudoku
  • Read a new book each week (bonus points if it’s non-fiction!)
  • Do the Newspaper Crossword Every Morning
  • Sign Up For a Dance Class
  • Plan a New Exercise Routine Each Week
  • Play a Weekly Poker Game
  • Sign Up for a Class at your Local Community College (if you’re over 65, most community colleges offer classes for free!)



*Photo Credit Ian McKenzie

JAMU- The Secret of Indonesian Healing

Botanical Remedies, Herbal Healers, Youth-Tonics, Fresh Flower Baths

Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But it’s not- it’s JAMU!

Since as far back as 800 AD, Indonesian healers have held a secret to maintaining youthful health and beauty. By using the herbs and botanicals of the tropical Indonesian forests, these healers created recipes that kept skin healthy, prevented illness and detoxified for overall skin health and well being, treating ailments ranging from stomach aches to skin conditions to general daily health maintenance.

Largely held as family secrets passed down for generations, recipes were heavily guarded, and finding the answers through modern research was not easy. Only in the 1940s, with persistence from the government and the medical community did traditional healers finally open their secrets for scientific study. And to the surprise of many, these traditional herbal concoctions were often found to be more effective than their western counterparts. Ingredients commonly used for skin and beauty range from skin-softening milk and rose petals, to spicy aromatics such as ginger and turmeric, applied onto the face and body to nourish and detoxify the skin.

To this day, a high value is placed in Indonesia on soothing rituals and the process of caring for your skin, as beauty is believed to not only come from the outside but also from a peaceful and balanced mind. Most beauty rituals are relaxing, multi-step events lasting several hours, with traditional concoctions applied onto the face and body one after the other, each with its own targeted purpose and result. Treatment begins with a relaxing massage and then is followed by a choice of body scrubs, body wraps, masks, and a fresh yogurt rub. It concludes with a warm milk or fresh flower bath, utilizing special ingredients to improve skin condition and tone.

All of JUARA’s products are inspired by these JAMU healing rituals, and are intended to bring the peace and serenity of the spa treatments to your home. The Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask, for example, is inspired by the ancient Lulur treatment that Indonesian Princesses would receive before their wedding day. The princess’ skin would be covered head to toe in turmeric, then cleansed with a milk flower bath to make give her a radiant glow. The bridal treatment could take 40 days to complete!

Can you imagine 40 days at the most relaxing spa in the world?


4 Tips To Keep You On Top Of Things

It’s Fight Procrastination Day!

And boy, am I fighting it. Fighting hard. Here are 4 quick tips to keep you (and I) on top of our ish this Saturday afternoon… and on Monday morning when we get back to work!

1. Take a Break

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but taking small breaks throughout the day actually keeps you more focused! Every hour or so get up and take a 5 minute stroll around the office to grab some water, clear your head, have a cookie… whatever! But time yourself- don’t let a 5 minute stroll turn into a 30 minute gossip session by the water cooler.

2. Make a List

Put up a dry erase board on the wall in front of you, and at the start of each day write down your goals. Pick 5 tasks that need to be completed by end of day… and then do them! You won’t believe how gratifying it is to slash them off the list with your dry erase marker.

3. Get Hard Work Done Early

It’s been proven that people are most productive in the first 3 hours they get to work, so try to complete your most difficult tasks before lunch time. After lunch get to less brain-heavy tasks like answering email, making phone calls, or proofreading documents.

4. Get The App!

Seriously? Yes, they have apps for procrastinators. iProcrastinate, Self Control, and Procrastination Punisher are all great reminders for getting your work done… especially if you’re a phone addict like me. Put it down, people. Put. It. Down.


Did I miss any of your favorite procrastination-busting techniques? Drop a line and I’ll add it to my next list!

Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month

So we’re coming at you with 1 healthy aging tip per week!

This week’s tip: Stay Active!

Although our exercise routines change as we grow older, it’s important not to throw them by the wayside completely. An active lifestyle is important for our physical and mental health, especially as we age. Even just 20 minutes of cardio a day drastically decreases the chance of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. Here are some low-key ways to get your 20 minutes of cardio today:

  • Park the car at the back of the parking lot and walk to the store (5 minutes each way)
  • Take the stairs to the 2nd or 3rd floor of your office building when you go to get lunch (5 minutes up and down)
  • Break out the swiffer, put on Spotify and have a dusting dance party! (5-60 minutes… could go longer)
  • Take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood (10-60 minutes)
  • Plant a garden… and then care for it each day! (Could take hours- up to you!)
  • Spend a day playing with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or friends’ kids. Really, anyone under 10 will keep you playing tag for a good long while!