It’s the worst feeling when you push down on the pump of your Clove Serum and realize it is empty.  It will be days before you get that luxurious feeling of hydration and toning on your skin again.  Don’t let this happen to you!


Create your JUARA Refill order today and never run out of your skincare products again.

When you create a JUARA Refill, you set up a convenient system that automatically bills your credit card and delivers your favorite products to your doorstep each month.  Don’t need them monthly or you’re not sure if you want the same products each time we deliver?  We’ve got you covered.   You can change the products or modify your Refill delivery date at any time.  Set up your JUARA Refill and you will never go a day without JUARA on your skin.
When you create your Refill you become a JUARA Preferred Customer and as part of the program you also enjoy some extra perks like up to 15% off our JUARA face and body rituals and FREE shipping for Refill orders over $150.


It’s simple to get started. In your shopping cart, click the Add to Refill box next to the items in your cart you would like to receive on a regular basis.

PLUS Get a free Awake candle this season with your JUARA Refill.

Offer valid from December 1st through December 31st, 2017.  Offer valid only for new Monthly Auto-Refill Orders, with the first order for immediate delivery.
Minimum order $60 for auto-refill orders.
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